Print in the Channel - October 2022

mpsGO ® The first Managed Print Service in a Box


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“Let’s be honest, it’s best to be Open”

Get more openness, right away

Welcome to the first “Managed Print Service in a Box” with the latest mpsGO ® module, bringing you a new level of simplicity and power to your Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM). mpsGO ® sets you free from OEM lock-ins, whilst supporting any brand, make, or model and enabling you to deliver all of the value with none of the hassle – simply plug & GO!

Designed from the ground up with efficient service delivery in mind it empowers you with total cost transparency. It provides full multi-vendor estate management with the option to integrate policy-based design optimisation including change management, equipment delivery, installation, disposal tacking.

In the middle of a contract? Don’t worry. mpsGO ® can manage any networked fleet of devices across any environment, including Work from Home (WGH) networks, so it can assist in transitioning your existing estate at a rate of change sustainable within your business.

What are the benefits? Never lose a DCA connection again!

Compact Design

Low power

Easy to deploy

Easy to manage

Can be installed on the print device



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