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2023 Speciality

Stock in the Channel stands as a pivotal platform in the world of technology distribution, offering streamlined solutions for distributors and resellers alike. As the proud sponsors of the Specialist Distributor of the Year category at this year’s Stockies Awards, everyone at Stock in the Channel extends heartfelt wishes to all the nominees, and recognise their exceptional contributions. Dedicated to simplifying the complex landscape of technology distribution, Stock in the Channel serves as the central hub, connecting distributors and resellers, facilitating seamless transactions, and fostering growth within the industry. The platform empowers businesses with real-time data, pricing, and availability information, enabling informed decisions and efficient operations. With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, Stock in the Channel revolutionises the way businesses operate, ensuring a more connected, efficient, and dynamic ecosystem. Contact:

Paul Meyers, MD and Co-Founder, Stock in the Channel |

WINNER 2023 SPECIALITY Specialist Distributor of the Year

Stock in the Channel


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