News in the Channel - issue #13

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Innovative Solutions Lenovo’s cutting-edge solutions empower the F1 personnel to monitor crucial aspects of racing performance, including car performance, tire wear, fuel consumption, and aerodynamics. With forward-thinking approaches, Lenovo drive Formula 1 towards optimisation and innovation, embracing a new era of unprecedented possibilities.

Sustainability Lenovo’s Formula 1 partnership centers on sustainability. Through Asset Recovery Services (ARS), Lenovo aids F1 in responsibly managing technology hardware. Recycling and repurposing tech not only offsets costs but also advances environmental responsibility, aligning with our shared vision for a greener future.

Broadcast Room From network infrastructure to video streaming and content distribution services, Lenovo’s cutting-edge technology connects the track to the Media & Technology Centre, facilitating real-time on-screen graphics and data used by Formula 1 to deliver an immersive racing experience to fans worldwide.

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