News in the Channel - issue #13


trusted training data. This covers not just your ability to develop and deliver the technology itself, but making sure your house is in order in every other aspect. Having comprehensive cybersecurity adapted to the age of AI, for example, is crucial. “Just as critical is ensuring that you are fully in line with data protection regulations and are quick to adapt to any changes, as falling foul of these could lead to serious problems down the line. “Once the above has been achieved, organisations must, as an absolute priority, ensure that the training data they use to build their AI algorithms is of the highest quality. ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ is an oft- used phrase when it comes to data-related pursuits, and it’s more relevant than ever in AI. The allure of AI lies in its autonomous power, but it can’t reach its potential if the less glamorous work isn’t done in the

background to help it succeed.” Cloud – alongside many other technologies – has an important role to play in helping organisations make the best of AI, according to David. Indeed, 90% of respondents in the CIF report said cloud has helped their company improve in its digital transformation efforts and become more effective as a business, while 96% assert that their cloud strategy has delivered against their expectations for their IT estate. “There are lots of challenges to address in becoming an AI frontrunner in any given industry and cloud remains a powerful enabler in this respect,” said David. “As an established technology that continues to grow in sophistication, it offers an accessible and hugely effective way of streamlining IT and building a more resilient organisation. With stability in IT, ambitious AI projects become much easier to realise.”

David Terrar ceo

Searchlight Cyber launches new program for channel partners

Searchlight Cyber has launched a new partner program, enhancing the company’s benefits for MSSPs, VARs and other key channel partners. The program includes a newly created partner portal that provides dedicated resources on dark web intelligence, including access to specialist training and marketing materials, to enable partners to effectively communicate the significant business risks emanating from the dark web. This new partner program comes in response to demand from the channel for dark web intelligence tools, with Searchlight recently announcing international partnerships with the likes of NCC Group, Semkel and Calibra. The demand for dark web intelligence has skyrocketed over the past few years, as organisations grow more aware that cyberattacks originate in marketplaces, forums and sites they cannot see. In a 2023 Searchlight survey of MSSPs, 65% said that their customers have asked for threat intelligence from the dark web and, of those, 74% said their customers’ interest has been increasing. Additional features of Searchlight Cyber’s new partner program include: l A new, streamlined deal registration process for VARs l A discount program for established VARs based on deal registration

l Co-marketing opportunities, sales enablement and enhanced training offerings. Ben Jones, co-founder and CEO of

Searchlight Cyber, said: “Many of our product features were built specifically with partners in mind, to enable them to meet rapidly increasing demand for dark web intelligence and differentiate their offerings in the crowded cybersecurity market. As SaaS products with minimal overhead costs and no requirement for additional analyst services, our tools enable partners to demonstrate significant value to customers from day one. Through this new partner program, we hope to build on these strong, collaborative relationships by even more closely aligning our incentives with theirs.” Program members will also benefit from features in Searchlight’s products built specifically for partners, including: l Multi-tenancy in DarkIQ, enabling MSSPs to easily switch between company profiles and seamlessly monitor the dark web for threats across their entire customer base l Tactical 30-day licenses for one-off partner engagements such as security audits, penetration testing, or incident response l Automated and customisable threat reporting, which can be branded by the partner, allowing them to offer further value-added services.

Ben Jones co-founder & ceo


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