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APC’s Smart-UPS Ultra Range art-UPS Ultra easily supports back office, network DF closets. Install the UPS in out-of-the-way ll edge environments, retail or back offices.

-UPS Ultra supports larger branch offices, financial es and light industrial manufacturing Healthcare pitals, labs and remote clinics.

Ideal for budget-conscious sectors like Education and Government, the UPS with Lithium-ion batteries eliminates battery replacement costs up to three times, as Smart-UPS Ultra batteries last 8-10 years, three times longer than lead acid (VRLA) batteries, ensuring the battery's lifespan aligns with that of the UPS under normal operating conditions. Smart-UPS software al budget ional budgets such as Education and Government, teries can remove battery replacement costs up ltra batteries last 8-10 years, 3x that of lead acid means that under normal operating conditions, the the UPS. EcoStruxure IT SmartConnect IT e IT site to manage, Smart-UPS Ultra’s EcoStruxure g and management options make owning a UPS or a fleet of UPS. Remote management allows care of without stepping foot in your IT installation. d maintenance minimized trips to far-away IT sites. Perfect for distributed IT. Ideal for distributed IT environments, the Smart-UPS Ultra offers effortless UPS ownership, whether for a single unit or a fleet, thanks to its EcoStruxure Ready remote monitoring and management capabilities. With remote management, essential tasks can be accomplished without physically visiting the IT installation, while predictive monitoring and maintenance reduce the need for frequent trips to distant IT sites. UPS manageability at your fingertips UPS management, graceful shutdown, and energy management software for computers, and servers using dedicated serial or USB connections. PowerChute™ Network Shutdown PowerChute Serial Shutdown nd extended runtime s up to 10000 watts of power protection. With s of up to 10 external battery packs, you can get u need for critical applications.

guidance. The Exertis Enterprise team stands ready to support partners, enhancing cost efficiencies and delivering a competitive edge in the market. Whether your clients aim to elevate their existing infrastructure or seek reliable performance, APC and Exertis are your allies for unmatched quality and excellence. Seize the opportunity! Eager to discover the potential of APC's solutions? Connect with a dedicated member of the Exertis Enterprise team today at .

Out-of-box remote UPS power monitoring Automatically included in connected Smart-UPS units, SmartConnect is an ingenious connectivity feature that makes Smart-UPS even more adaptable and easier to deploy: SmartConnect allows you to view the status of your UPS through a secure web portal. Through this innovative remote monitoring interface, you will receive automatic notifications, UPS firmware upgrades with one-click installation, and be able to run remote Self Tests. Feature availability varies with terms of use. Advanced Plan on SmartConnect, with remote Outlet Group reboot, facilitates power cycling of connected IT equipment without going on-site.

Power protection for server and hyper-converged infrastructures APC PowerChute is a UPS management software enabling graceful system shutdowns and start-up of your IT infrastructure, and providing energy management capabilities.

Exertis Enterprise: your solutions hub. Exertis Enterprise's status as APC's largest stockholder in the UK, ensures unparalleled access to cutting-edge solutions. With hundreds of SKUs available for next- day delivery, partners benefit not only from top-tier products but also from personalised 8

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