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The challenges of a multi-cloud strategy for SMEs

Cloud technology has become core to many businesses, with many utilising multi-cloud approaches. However, this can pose challenges for SMEs – and providers can help to overcome them, as Tom Henson, managing director at Emerge Digital, explains.

In recent years, cloud technology has revolutionised the business space. Today, it's estimated that a staggering 94% of UK businesses, from SMEs to vast enterprise- level organisations, have embraced cloud technology in one form or another. The sector, now valued at more than £15 billion, has become the backbone of modern business infrastructure. But with this surge in cloud adoption comes a complex dilemma: the multi-cloud strategy. Is it the panacea for all SME digital needs, or does it present a labyrinth of challenges?

The rise of multi-cloud strategies Multi-cloud strategies are no longer a fringe concept, they have become a central part of how businesses operate in the digital space. Recent research, including a poll conducted by Public First, indicates that 71% of UK businesses are now deploying a multi-cloud approach. Moreover, 56% are considering adding another cloud service provider (CSP) to their tech stack soon. But what is driving this shift towards a multi-cloud environment? The answer lies in the range of needs, as well as future ambitions of SMEs. Each

Tom Henson managing director


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