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artificial intelligence (AI) tools has been combined with robust identity and access management systems, zero trust architecture, management platforms, cloud access security broker, security information and event management or security, orchestration, automation and response.” Mike Fry, UKI security director at Logicalis, adds that network security vendors from all parts of the spectrum are broadening their technology range, such as secure service edge (SSE), zero trust network access (ZTNA) and password-less authentication to gain a greater share of market and customer spend. “This presents the customer with a problem; who is right and who should they listen to?” he says. “This is where a credible partner can bring value to a customer by helping them navigate this increasingly noisy space. “The significant rise in traditional firewall vendors moving into the SSE and ZTNA spaces to support new way of working.” As well as implementing a robust cybersecurity framework involving a multi- layered security strategy that integrates various protective measures, it is crucial

to invest in cybersecurity education for employees, says Spencer Starkey, VP EMEA at SonicWall. “This is to ensure they possess the knowledge to identify and thwart phishing attacks and are adept at creating strong and secure passwords,” he says. “Additionally, staying vigilant on software updates is imperative, as these often include crucial security patches to address vulnerabilities that may be exploited by cybercriminals. “Establishing a comprehensive response plan for cyberattacks is essential to fortify defences. This should meticulously outline procedures for prompt identification, effective containment and successful recovery from potential incidents, thereby enhancing overall cybersecurity resilience.” Matt Aldridge, principal solutions consultant at OpenText Cybersecurity, adds that cloud threats also need to be considered, and SSE/ SASE and CASB services can add a lot of security value, as can secure configuration management and monitoring solutions for cloud services. “Once the fundamentals are covered, extending an organisation’s capabilities into threat hunting and breach

Mike Fry UKI security director


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