News in the Channel - issue #13


powered platform, comprehensive training on effective marketing with ecosystem partners and a range of new certification and accreditation programs. Members will each earn a CPD Practitioner accreditation in partner and ecosystem marketing as well as access to ongoing certification and accreditation programmes to further bolster their development l Leadership: Exclusive Networks will host quarterly meetups and monthly virtual gatherings and maintain an active LinkedIn group as an ongoing digital hub for all members to give and receive ongoing insights, support and ideas. Members will also have the opportunity to connect, grow and foster relationships through a bespoke buddy scheme that encourages inter-peer learning. “Whether they wield substantial influence

growth and prosperity – often with their contributions being significantly less visible or celebrated than other departments,” said Hannah. “That’s where the Exclusive Networks Marketing Network steps in, designed with a deep understanding of how businesses and our partners operate and continuously addressing their pain points throughout the month and quarter. Through robust marketing support and education, we’re committed to helping them achieve their goals. “I’ve already received a list of thanks and enthusiasm for what comes next from the partners we’ve shared this with. It’s great to hear from one-person marketing teams who are jumping at the opportunity to form a community to collaborate with and learn from. Teams like these experience a lot of isolation in their work, and I know they will be grateful for the opportunity to work closely with like-minded people. Who knows what they’ll achieve!”

Hannah Jenney head of marketing UK & Ireland

in a small business or navigate high- pressure roles in huge organisations, these marketeers play a vital role in driving

Merry Christmas from the Exclusively Fortinet Team


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