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January 2023


NEWS: The latest news and product news from the Channel – pages 6-10 2023 PREVIEW:: Crystal balls at the ready – page 15 INTERVIEW:: Richard Wells embracing 30 years of change – page 26 SCANNING GATEWAYS: Hybrid working is driving the growth of digitising documents – page 46 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE:: How FX rates affect toner pricing – page 50

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New year, new opportunities

With 2023 nearly a month old already, businesses in the print channel are finding causes to be optimistic about the remaining 11 months of the year, despite the economic challenges many are facing.

New year is traditionally a time of optimism and looking to the future, and businesses in the print channel are doing just that, although probably with some trepidation, given what has happened in the past three years. While everyone will be hoping that there isn’t another major global event that disrupts supply chains, prices and buying decisions this year – and the law of averages surely means that we can’t have more than one every year? – there will be hopes for opportunities to grow the bottom line. While the problems from 2022 – supply chain issues, rising prices, looming economic recession etc – are still with us and are likely to be so for some time yet, there is plenty for businesses to deal with, especially as customers may be looking to tighten their belts in terms of spending. But this can create opportunities too: if businesses aren’t investing in people, they may be looking at ways to increase efficiency in how they work. For instance, they may be looking to digitalise the business, and scanners can be an important gateway to this. With many businesses looking to use less paper, as well as increase efficiency in the business and ensure that all employees can access documents wherever they are working, the digitising of documents is becoming more important and, as a result, there are opportunities to sell dedicated scanners for this – as well as open up conversations about further digitalisation in a business. We explore in more detail on p46.

There are other reasons for optimism in the print channel too. For instance, hybrid working continues to bring opportunities, not just with home office setups, which are increasingly being upgraded, but with things like the secure networks that are needed for it. Then there is managed print services, which will continue to grow, especially as many businesses are looking to simplify their technology processes. Sustainability will also be an increasingly important factor in buying decisions. With many businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable not only for the CSR side but also to save money, every aspect of operations are being looked at and printers and scanners can play their part. These hopes and more for the print channel are outlined by a range of experts and thought leaders in the sector, as well as what they predict the main trends and opportunities will be over this year. Read their thoughts beginning on p15. But whatever happens this year, the print sector has proved its resilience over the years – especially the past three – and will those within it, manufacturers or resellers, will find ways to evolve, serve the needs of their customers and make money. I hope you enjoy the issue. As always, if there are any topics you would like to see covered in the coming issues, or you wanted to get involved in

Dan Parton

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News You should know p6 Product News New on the scene p9 Secure Printing Networks Vulnerabilities p12 2023 Preview Crystal balls p15 Richard Wells Interview p26 Printers & Printing Prioritising sustainability p32 Comment Secure office networks p36 Digitsation

2023 Preview – p15

Summit – p45

The PaperCut Partner Summit: Empowering the Channel to Reach for the Cloud in 2023.

While predictions are difficult to make, some experts in the print channel give their opinions on what they think will happen in the sector in 2023 and find much cause for optimism.

Channel Focus – p38

Insight from Cameron Mitchell, business leader for indirect channel at Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK)

Collaboration opportunities p37

Channel Focus Underestimate at your peril p38 MSP Nine Key Benefits p42 Summit PaperCut Partner Summit p45

Sustainable Printers – p32

Scanning Gateways – p46

Scanning Gateways Digitalisation p46 Business Intelligence How FX rates affect pricing p50

The growth of hybrid working means that digitising documents so that they can be accessed by anyone anywhere has become more important – and demand for scanners is growing. It can also be an important step on the road to further digitalisation of a business.

Sustainability is a priority for many businesses now, with many looking to cut their carbon footprint and exploring all aspects of the business to make it more sustainable.



MSP: Nine Key Benefits – p42

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Secure office printing is crucial for protecting sensitive information and maintaining the integrity of organisations. Secure Printing Networks – p12

The nine key benefits MSPs should offer their customers with a managed print service solution.

Digital Print Solutions – p37

Digitalisation opens up opportunities for collaborative innovation between papermaking and printing technology

Toner trade-o: how Forex rates impact pricing Toner cartridge average price vs EUR-GBP (Jan 2019 - Jan 2023)

Change has been a constant throughout Richard Wells’ 30-plus year career, and with Epson bringing out a new range of printers, he is as motivated as ever to help customers get the best solutions.

Business Intelligence – p50

Exchange Rate Toner Price

The toner market is a constantly changing landscape, with a variety of factors that can impact pricing. These can include supply and demand, vendor promotions and quantity discounts, however one of the most volatile and least controllable factors that affects pricing is foreign exchange (FX) rates.


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Source: Stock in the Channel and European Central Bank – Statistical Data Warehouse (2023)

Richard Wells – p26



Konica Minolta announces Focus Label Machinery as an Accredited Industrial Print Partner

requirements before to bring production inhouse.” Designed to help commercial printers to migrate and broaden their output to labelling and packaging, the AccurioLabel 230 doesn’t require highly trained engineers onsite to maintain or run it. Focus Label Machinery’s expertise in finishing technology also means that customers can buy their printing and finishing solutions from a single trusted source with full expert technical support. “We have a strong bond of trust with our customers, so it is vital that we partner with manufacturers that share our commitment to customer support and deliver excellent solutions that match our customers’ needs,” said Antony Cotton, sales manager at Focus Labels Machinery. “This is a great opportunity for our label print customers to get a high-quality digital label press that’s easy to operate, without breaking the bank.” Jon Pritchard, label and inkjet consultant at Konica Minolta added: “We are very excited to be working in partnership with Focus Labels Machinery. Sharing our technology strengths with their considerable expertise, close customer relationships, and a reputation for excellence, together we can offer customers even greater choice and class-leading service to support the immense opportunities for commercial printers. We want to be the leading supplier of digital label solutions and this partnership is a key component of our broader strategy to achieve this, delivering the next generation of technology married to unbeatable customer service.”

Focus Label Machinery has become a Konica Minolta Accredited Industrial Print Partner. Partnering with Focus Label Machinery as a supplier of the AccurioLabel 230 is a key component in bringing Konica Minolta’s new wave of digital label technology to the market, which is designed to help print service providers seize growth opportunities in a buoyant but demanding market. “There are significant opportunities for our customers in the market for short-run, high-quality labels,” said Focus Label Machinery director, David Lee. “Whilst we have always been at the cutting edge of technology, we felt there was something missing from our portfolio that specifically caters for customers that are entering the label market or are embracing digital. The Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230 provides the perfect balance, allowing smaller label printers to service the market and enabling businesses that may have outsourced these

David Lee director

Antony Cotton sales manager

Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 230

Sharp UK announces new Connect Partner

are needing to navigate rising operational costs, the importance of maximising the effectiveness of their teams by focusing on the activities that deliver the most business value has never been more critical,” he said. “Through Sharp’s award-winning range of B2B technology products and services, Clearsight can build on its strengths and provide enhanced solutions for its customers.” John Stanton, director at Clearsight Consulting, added: “Partnerships are a huge part of the direction we want to take Clearsight. They allow us to take our recommendations to the next stage and help our clients to understand not only what can be achieved, but also introduce them to companies who can help deliver it through their particular expertise or products. Having Sharp as a partner as we develop this side of the business is incredibly exciting.”

Sharp UK has partnered with business process mapping and improvement consultancy Clearsight Consulting to expand its portfolio of solutions aimed at maximising operational efficiency for its customers. With more than 20 years of process analysis experience, Clearsight works with businesses in the financial services, software, transport, insurance and education sectors to help them reduce costs, save time and enable faster growth. The partnership will allow Clearsight Consulting to offer its clients new digital solutions, including print, visual solutions, IT services and collaboration tools, enabling teams to work more efficiently. Simon Warnes, partnership director at Sharp, said the company was “delighted” to partner with Clearsight Consulting. “At a time when companies

Simon Warnes partnership director



Signals IT introduces new range of printers and scanners

Signals IT has announced that a new range of Zebra Technologies RFID printers and scanners are available for purchase with install options. RFID is new efficient, automated and secure technology that offers a new way for supply chain management across warehousing, retail, healthcare and manufacturing industries. “We’re thrilled to offer this new technology to our customers that has so many opportunities for business growth. As an IT services company we don’t’ just offer trusted Zebra products, we can offer IT Lifecycle services from install to refurbishment to recycling,” said Robin Seymour, CEO at Signals IT. Features and benefits of RFID include: • Improved supply chain efficiency through visibility

• Increased accuracy through automation • Better security through traceability.

Zebra RFID printers and scanners will be available from Signals IT from February, with special prices for business customers.

Print features heavily in organisations’ overall cloud strategy

“With features such as Edge Print, end-users can print on their phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC and any other web-connected device, whether they’re at home, on a guest network, or even between offices.” Driver management (31.1%) and supporting end- users’ (22.1%) printing and scanning needs in the digital workspace are two further challenges survey participants ranked highly. “Cloud print management platforms combine a unique universal driver and cloud administration platform to provide granular print access control to administrators, simplify printer provisioning and ongoing management,” Jenkins explained. The commitment to long-term hybrid work has accelerated the need to move print management to the cloud and it’s clear that organisations are reaping the reward. After making the switch to cloud print management, 54.6% of survey respondents said their IT teams were either spending less time on print-related support or enjoying a combination of a superior print experience, lower costs and less time investment. “The business case for migrating print management to the cloud is compelling,” said Jenkins. “IT teams spend less time supporting print; end-users benefit from a better print experience; and organisations save money on print- related costs. “Cloud services are billed and consumed as-a-service – freeing up CapEx budgets to be allocated elsewhere. Plus, a subscription-based pricing model is predictable and flexible, allowing organisations to scale up or down in line with their business needs.”

The benefits of moving to print to the cloud are now clearer than ever in IT leaders’ minds, according to the results of a new survey of more than 2,500 workspace professionals. The Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance (DWEA), a consortium of technology leaders, has released its 2023 ‘State of the Digital Workspace’ survey, which included the views of 2,660 digital workspace professionals from across the globe, and found that the benefits of moving print to the cloud are now clearer than ever in IT leaders’ minds. The findings clearly show that the cloudification of print is an integral part of organisations’ digital workspace strategies. An overwhelming majority (93.1%), of respondents said that their cloud strategy involved cloud printing. “It’s clear that print remains an indispensable part of many workflows; 97% of the organisations surveyed said they manage printing/scanning in- house,” said David Jenkins, CEO at, a founding member of the DWEA. “So, it’s reassuring to see that moving print to the cloud now features heavily in organisations’ overall cloud strategies.” The study also found that hybrid working is here to stay for 58% of organisations, which brings the issue of how best to support a hybrid and remote workforce to the fore. In remote and hybrid environments, the complexity of network printing increases exponentially so it’s not surprising that managing printing/scanning at remote locations because of a hybrid workforce was cited as the top challenge for 53.5% of respondents. “People want to print wherever they are – and from multiple devices – and that’s where cloud print management comes into its own,” Jenkins said.

David Jenkins CEO at, a founding member of the DWEA

The State of the Digital Workspace


digitalworkspacealliance .com



Ricoh pay tribute to Chas Maloney

Ricoh and was particularly proud of his role as an executive sponsor for the LGBTQ+ community. He had the ability to talk to anyone, putting them instantly at ease thanks to his charm and personality. Outside of work, he was a loving father, husband, popular member of his community and a passionate supporter of Gloucester Rugby and West Ham United FC.” A fund-raising page has been set up in memory of Chas with all donations going to Longfield, a local hospice charity that offers care in the community: chasmoloney The team at Print in the Channel would also like to extend their condolences to Chas’ family, friends and colleagues.

Ricoh has paid tribute to Chas Moloney, marketing director of Ricoh UK & Ireland and EMEA director of strategic campaigns and customer engagement, who passed away on December 5 after a short illness. In a statement, Phil Keoghan, CEO of Ricoh UK & Ireland, said: “Chas joined Ricoh 17 years ago as marketing board director and became a much- loved member of the Ricoh family. He was deeply respected, not just by his team and colleagues, but throughout the industry. “Chas will be remembered fondly, not only for his outstanding leadership, deep knowledge and passion for our business, but also for his incredible warmth, humour and loyalty. Chas always supported and promoted inclusion across

Chas Moloney marketing director of Ricoh UK & Ireland and EMEA director of strategic campaigns and customer engagement

Two new Canon Business Centres open

ambition to deliver the best customer service and innovation to our customers,” said Stuart Miller, director of B2B Indirect Sales, Canon UK&I. “By partnering together to create these two new CBCs, we hope to deliver even stronger support to local businesses, offering award winning solutions which will help them to grow in these challenging times.” Chris Sills, managing director of SOS Systems added that the company was delighted to be collaborating with Canon on this project. “[It] marks a huge step in our 32 years of working together,” he said. “Today more than ever before, local businesses are seeking out ways to save costs, boost profits and optimise processes – our new CBC SOS supports this ambition and we’re looking forward to helping local businesses grow and succeed.” Greg Tuohy, CEO, Cantec Group, added: “The evolution of our business has come about by recognising and adjusting to an ever-changing world and the diverse requirements of the organisations we work with. After 28 years of partnership with Canon, we’re excited to be opening the first CBC in Ireland – offering us the opportunity to support local businesses and find new ways to help them enhance their processes.”

Canon UK & Ireland has opened two new Canon Business Centres in collaboration with Platinum Partners SOS Systems in Crawley, West Sussex, and Cantec Group in Munster, Ireland. Both will support local businesses by delivering print and document management expertise, alongside bespoke and unrivalled customer service. Canon Business Centre Munster (CBC Munster) and Canon Business Centre SOS (CBC SOS) follow in the footsteps of Canon’s successful Canon Business Centre North East, which operates in Newcastle. The new CBCs are the first in their respective regions and will offer advice to local businesses, providing them with tailored technology solutions to support their wider business needs. The newly formed CBCs will combine the expertise of a local and trusted reseller with the strength of Canon’s portfolio of products and solutions. Based in Crawley, SOS Systems has a customer base throughout the South of England across multiple sectors. It currently delivers print, document and information management solutions to its customers and guidance on wider business initiatives such as digital transformation. Meanwhile, Waterford-based Cantec Group was established in 1994 as a photocopier dealership by the parents of CEO Greg Tuohy and executive chair Eadaoin Carrick. Since then, the business has grown with offices in Limerick, Mullingar, Dublin and Cork and now delivers integrated hardware and software solutions. “Cantec and SOS are two trusted partners we have been working alongside for many years and share many of the same values, including an

Chris Sills managing director SOS Systems

Greg Tuohy and Éadaoin Carrick, Cantec Group, with Robin Van Stroe, and Stuart Miller, Canon



Kodak Alaris introduces new desktop document scanners

Kodak Alaris has enhanced its document scanner portfolio with the launch of two compact models. The Kodak E1030 and E1040 provide superior image quality and a simple user interface for fast, reliable information capture. Backed by services and support including a three-year advanced unit replacement warranty, these new desktop scanners are designed to deliver reliable productivity gains and peace of mind, according to the company. Kodak Alaris’ Perfect Page technology delivers consistent high-quality images that it claims are better than the original. The scanners’ new Dual Illumination feature eliminates shadows and other artifacts that often occur when scanning damaged originals, further improving image quality and Optical Character Recognition accuracy. The E1000 Series also includes USB 3.2 connectivity and an 80-page automatic document feeder. With their compact size, the Kodak E1000 Series scanners are targeted for desktop use in small to medium-sized businesses, branch offices, reception and admin desks, and enterprises with remote

workers. Capable of processing up to 40 pages per minute, the E1000 Scanners can handle a variety of paper sizes and weights, including hard cards. The optional Passport Accessory or integrated A4/Legal Size Flatbed Accessory accommodate document scanning for specialised needs. The Kodak E1030 and E1040 Scanners are easy to set up and use. Office workers can start scanning right out of the box. An intuitive LED control panel makes them easy to integrate into business processes and applications, and Smart Touch technology enables customised scanning workflows with one-touch simplicity. “In today’s era of hybrid working, digital transformation maturity is more tightly tied to business effectiveness and profitability,” said Joseph Odore, global portfolio marketing manager at Kodak Alaris. “Successful digital transformation begins with document capture. The new E1000 Series Scanners make it easy for organisations to convert documents into digital information and deliver data to their systems for greater business efficiency and better customer and employee experiences.”


Sharp announces new range of monochrome MFPs

features such as multi-sheet feed detection and enhanced auto skew correction help users speed through their jobs. The 300-sheet duplexing, single- pass feature scans documents at up to 280 images per minute for enhanced productivity and efficiency. In addition, leading security technology is also built into the BP-70M and BP-50M to help businesses protect their data. Features such as a system integrity check at start up, firmware attack prevention with self-recovery, as well as an optional antivirus protection powered by Bitdefender® help protect from malicious intruders. All this with an easy to use 10.1-inch Full Flat Capacitive Touch Panel and AI enabled functionality. The new MFPs were designed with businesses’ environmental goals in mind, and to this end are fitted with energy-saving features such as pad-fusing technology and new low melt toner properties. The models require fewer parts to be heated, while the new system allows for quicker warm-up and lowers overall MFP energy consumption. Together with the A3 colour MFPs launched in 2022, the BP-70M and BP-50M monochrome models complete Sharp’s new Future Workplace MFP Series, which aim to help customers build more flexible and more secure workplaces fit for the future. The new models are available to buy now from Sharp and its partners.

Sharp has launched its new BP-70M and BP-50M Series of A3 Monochrome MFPs, expanding the manufacturer’s eco-system of smart office tools to help businesses adapt to meet the complex needs of the hybrid workplace. The new MFPs include new connectivity features and state-of-the-art security to provide businesses with a seamless and secure print solution. The new MFPs have been designed to meet the needs of hybrid workforces, allowing employees to easily collaborate and share information securely throughout their office environment, even while working remotely. The 11 new models, equipped with speeds of 26ppm to 65ppm, can support even the most demanding of tasks for medium and large work groups. Sharp’s BP-70M and BP-50M MFPs offer businesses an unprecedented level of flexible connectivity. Enhanced cloud services such as Microsoft Teams and Google Drive makes communication simple and streamlined, while native Microsoft Universal Print capability allows these MFPs to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365 environments that enable simplified print management. Integrated with the latest technology, the new models allow users to work more efficiently and productively. The BP70M series offers time-saving




Konica Minolta simplifies print management with PaperCut Hive

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Ltd has launched its cloud-native, fully embedded print management software, PaperCut Hive, which is aimed at businesses that need a secure and flexible printing solution to track, control and enable print, copy and scan. PaperCut Hive enables secure printing from any device, be it a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Documents can be securely sent to any device from the office, home or any other location to be produced on-site, only once the owner has authenticated. “PaperCut Hive removes the complexity that has crept into printing infrastructure as a result of new ways of working, an array of new print capable devices, multiple operating systems and many different device manufacturers,” said Phillip John, category manager – office at Konica Minolta. “These all contribute to making what should be a simple task into a challenge for both the person wanting to print and those managing the process.”

The highest level of security is ensured using Find-me Print and Edge Mesh that securely ‘holds’ print jobs until they are collected from the printer by the authenticated owner. This zero-trust approach protects data before, during and after the document is sent to a device. Furthermore, optional watermarking and digital signatures can be appended to ensure every job can be traced back to its origin. In addition to removing complexity, adding flexibility, and strengthening security, PaperCut Hive’s serverless approach saves time and money, by removing the need to manage complex infrastructure. It also enables eco-friendly policies to be introduced that promote responsible and sustainable printing that optimises production to reduce paper and toner/ink wastage. “Print management should not be a one-size- fits-all approach and Konica Minolta is committed to providing its customers with choices that meet their specific requirements, whether that be an on- premise or cloud-native solution,” added Phillip.

Philip John category manager Konica Minolta

Brother UK aims to drive further MPS growth for partners with colour laser launch

integrate, including Secure Print+, Kofax and YSoft. “This launch marks an important milestone for Brother as we expand our print solutions offering to suit the needs of the modern office,” said Greig Millar, general manager – sales, services and solutions at Brother UK. “We know this is vital for MPS partners that are catering for businesses with the highest print volume requirements. They can now specify Brother for all their customers’ printing needs, rather than choosing models from a mix of vendors. “These workhorse A4 models also prove to be a strong and cost-effective alternative to the heavyweight A3 professional printers on the market. Each device delivers a high-quality colour output and comes with high yield in-box toners and a range of accessories, including additional paper trays, tower trays, mailboxes and staple finishers. All four models feature colour touchscreen LCD, USB 2.0 wired network connectivity, print speeds of up to 40ppm and automatic 2-sided print. The HL-L9430CDN and MFC-L9630CDN print up to 28ipm and have 9,000page black and 6,500page colour in-box toners. The HL-L9470CDN and MFC- L9670CDN print up to 40ipm and have 12,000page black and 9,000page colour in-box toners.

Brother UK has launched its first flagship professional, 40ppm, workgroup A4 colour laser range as it looks to close the gap on competitors with office workgroup and mid-range class models. The new devices have been designed to extend the business’s managed print services (MPS) offering, which will now enable reseller partners to specify Brother printers for customers with the highest print volume requirements. Customers purchasing the new models on an MPS agreement will benefit from automated toner deliveries, extended warranties of up to three years, streamlined workflows, usage tracking and access to top-of-the-range security solutions. The range of four devices, which are built with market-leading durability and print speed, capacity and quality, are designed to produce a highly competitive cost-per-page, making them a more cost-effective option for businesses looking for the best quality A4 print solution. Built to offer convenience and reliability for large office spaces, each model comes equipped with the Brother Solutions Interface, which provides users with access to a range of security, document and print management solutions that are easy to



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Securing your printer network vulnerabilities In today’s digital age, many businesses rely on technology to manage and share sensitive information, and printing is no exception. However, this also means that printers and print networks can be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in print devices to gain access to sensitive information, disrupt operations or even steal data.

Secure office printing is crucial for protecting sensitive information and maintaining the integrity of organisations. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the potential dangers of insecure printing practices and leave themselves vulnerable to cyberattacks. “We understand the importance of secure office printing and can deliver solutions and services that aim to protect sensitive information and maintain the integrity of your customer’sorganisation,” says Kelvin Paterson, head of supplies at Ingram Micro. Kelvin adds that there are several vulnerabilities that if left unprotected, are easy targets for cybercriminals: Unrestricted remote access Remote access to workforce printers has become vital in this day and age but without proper controls in place, anyone with access to the internet can potentially access your organisation’s printers and print sensitive documents. This is especially concerning if an organisation deals with sensitive information such as financial data or personal information. To add a layer of protection against unauthorised access, you should use a network firewall to help

block anonymous and otherwise dangerous third parties from accessing your connected equipment. Additionally, configuring your router to only accept connections from trusted devices and restricting IP addresses outside of your geographic location can also help to secure remote connections to your printers. Poor administrative security The problem with many office printers is that companies fail to password protect their printers due to the inconvenience it causes to users and administrators. Without unique passwords and proper controls in place, it can be easy for unauthorised individuals to access and manipulate printer settings, leading to the unauthorised release of sensitive information or potentially compromising other connected devices. A simple step to reduce this risk is to this problem is to change the default password to the administrative control panel of the printer. This can be done through the printer or through a web browser connected to the network. Additionally, investing in third-party security services and applications can support high-quality document and data security for the networked printer.

Kelvin Paterson head of supplies Ingram Micro

Without unique passwords and proper controls in place, it can be easy for unauthorised individuals to access and manipulate printer settings. “ ”



Human error For all the security protocols, third party software, password protection and system control put in place to prevent printer network breaches, the simplest and often most overlooked is that of human error. Without proper training and education, employees may inadvertently print sensitive information to the wrong printer or leave documents unattended, leading to security breaches. Putting proper policies and training in place can help reduce this risk along with regular reviews and training for employees so that they can not only reduce their unnecessary printing, but also understand the security risk of printing sensitive information on an office network.

Without proper training and education, employees may inadvertently print sensitive information to the wrong printer or leave documents unattended, leading to security breaches.

Unencrypted data transmission Many multifunctional devices allow users not only to print, but also to transmit data over email, fax or remote print job through a connected office printer. Data transmissions are constantly being sent and received between the printers and other devices on the network. If data is transmitted between devices without proper encryption, it can be intercepted and stolen by cybercriminals, resulting in the theft or compromise of confidential data and sensitive documentation. Unsecured document storage Many multi-function printers have a certain level of internal storage capacity. When using print or fax functionality, temporary files of jobs completed can be saved to the equipment’s internal memory for later use. If these default settings aren’t changed, and without proper controls in place, it can be easy for unauthorised individuals to access and steal sensitive documents that have not been correctly secured. Businesses need to make sure that before disposing or selling old office printers, all internal storage is wiped from the internal storage. This can be done by formatting internal storage through the administrative panel or by removing any internal storage media before disposing of the equipment. Methods like these reduce the risk of someone outside the organisation can access your data. It is also vital to implement security protocols or have third party security software in place on network printers to reduce the risk of cybercriminals accessing stored documents.

Not maintaining the latest firmware updates The final and easiest protocol to reduce risk on secure printer networks is to monitor the printer firmware across the entire network regularly. Using outdated firmware can lead to security breaches. Without the latest firmware updates, printers may be susceptible to known vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals. Distributors are well placed to provide advice and expertise in securing your customers’ printers, as Kelvin explains: “Our team of experts can help you identify the ideal printer solution to help reduce print network security issues within your customer’s organisations. We also offer financial solutions to support the affordability of a new deployment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help secure your customer’s printing.”



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Crystal balls at the ready While predictions are difficult to make, some experts in the print channel give their opinions on what they think will happen in the sector in 2023 and find much cause for optimism.

many cases, overcome. It isn’t all gloomy either – there are causes for optimism, with plenty of innovation in the sector, and those businesses that are outward looking and embrace new opportunities and product lines should been looking to grow their sales and bottom line as a result. But what do those in the channel think about what the next 12 months may bring? Of course, making predictions is notoriously difficult – who among us saw the COVID pandemic or Russian invasion of Ukraine coming at the start of 2020 and 2022 respectively? – but we have gathered a range of experts and thought leaders in the print channel who over the following pages give their expectations for the coming year, and what they think some of the major trends will be.

While 2022 was another turbulent year for businesses involved in the print channel – as well as for many customer businesses in a range of sectors – the year ended in a better place than it started for many. The lockdowns now seem to be a fading memory, and trading conditions have stabilised, with many businesses now trading at pre-CVOID levels or above, and the ‘new normal’ of hybrid working is becoming established. There may be still problems in the sector – supply issues, along with wider economic concerns such as a looming recession and rising costs of products and energy, to name but three – that will focus much attention in the coming 12 months, but the resilience the sector has shown in recent years will mean that these issues will be faced up to and, in

Terry Caulfield , general manager, Brother UK Hybrid working is going to continue to be the dominant trend in 2023. Inevitably, it will lead to a greater focus on the transition to the cloud, data security and implementing the right tech that will help businesses boost productivity for their decentralised workforce.

Another benefit is ensuring greater oversight on data security, which has become more of a challenge since moving to a more decentralised workforce. Workflow and document capture solutions available via MPS will play a crucial role in this. Outside of services growth, we’re seeing a good opportunity to help drive efficiencies in warehousing and logistics. We found in our recent study that inefficient labelling creates at least a week of downtime every year for 60% of businesses in the sector. Supplying reliable labelling technology that is seamlessly integrated with wider systems will help to minimise the downtime that logistics firms can seldom afford. Sustainability will also continue to be a major focus for business in 2023. We know that green credentials are given as much as a 40% weighting in tender processes, and it will be on businesses to prove that they’re making inroads. Effective tracking of how and where consumables are recycled, which is part and parcel of our MPS contracts, will be part of the puzzle here and further increase appetite for managed services.

Demand for managed print services (MPS) will continue to rise and we expect to see strong growth in 2023. Having a proposition for companies of varying sizes will be vital and we’re already seeing significant traction with our small business-focused PrintSmart Essential service, which allows buyers to pay a small monthly fee for their ink and toner supplies, device installation, supplies recycling and maintenance services. MPS also fits within a wider trend for businesses to acquire tech and services on a Netflix-style monthly service, and this is something that will only gather pace this year.

Terry Caulfield general manager Brother UK



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Stuart Miller , channel director, Canon UK & Ireland Print has been consistently challenged in recent

CONTINUED wider business and sustainability objectives. To succeed in an evolving market in 2023, it is essential that OEMs find new ways to sell printers to customers. Building reliable, long-term customer relationships will become increasingly important for OEMs when finding new avenues to sell products, as using client feedback will be the most efficient way to provide the best solutions and subsequent results, while generating business in the print sector. minimising energy consumption, as we are now seeing this feature in almost all conversations with our prospective customers. We are seeing more litho press users seeking out devices that offer advanced product specifications as well as energy- saving potential – as this helps them meet their causing disruptions in the future. However, the industry experienced a resurgence in 2022 as the world began to return to a state of normalcy and production volumes started to increase. There has been a huge shift in focus on print sector should be looking at minimising the impact of operations on the environment by keeping materials in use for longer and minimising waste by transforming the way the sector uses materials in products, consumables, packaging and operations. With the cost-of-living crisis persisting, we will ultimately see customers wanting to automate business processes to improve their overheads to scale at a reduced cost. As a result, in 2023, relationships with customers will continue to be more important than ever with the need for better customer communications and for technology to provide high-quality, personalised output, which has become increasingly important. These are key factors to consider if an organisation is to support a customer’s journey effectively. It is likely that customer expectations will continue to evolve, with many expecting 24-hour response times and higher quality standards. With the further expansion in online ordering, and demand for integrated web-to-print solutions, this ongoing shift will increase the importance to printers of evaluating their offering – with those who can deliver a high quality and responsive service, via an online platform, are likely to thrive in 2023 despite the economic climate. Overall, 2023 will have its challenges as workplaces and PSPs continue to adapt to the economic downturn in the UK, but for savvy partners there are growth opportunities for the upcoming year. The ongoing economic challenges of rising costs and energy shortages have had a detrimental effect on the print market and are likely to continue

years, with a multitude of factors impacting the market. These include the recent economic crisis, a demand to minimise waste and energy consumption, and a huge shift towards digital. However, despite these factors, Canon’s innovative use of its expertise and creative technological solutions will allow the brand to evolve and grow in 2023 and beyond. Canon will continue to expand its business this year by creating high-quality, productive digital printers for industrial printing while offering a bespoke customer experience throughout. Currently, Canon offers two main digital printing technologies – electrophotography and inkjet. As we see a shift towards cloud computing, Canon will continue to focus on enhancing security and content-on-demand technology this year. This will become increasingly vital in 2023 as remote and hybrid workforces continue to develop and all customers need to be assisted, regardless of their varying working environments. An increase in cloud technologies will enhance the products and services that enable Canon to support various customers. 2022 was a year which saw a major increase in customer expectations. One of these was customers requiring faster turnaround times when engaging with brands, and this is predicted to continue into 2023. Due to this, there has been a significant increase in online ordering as customers seek faster and more efficient routes to keep up with demands from brands. Companies are expected to provide quick response times, often within 24 hours, and, as a result, many are now offering integrated web-to- print solutions, with many businesses adopting this approach to meet demands. In addition, automation has become more prevalent in the printing process as a way for companies to keep up with the increased demand for their services. To meet customer deadline expectations in 2023, PSPs should examine and optimise their entire workflow. This includes ensuring that finishers are compatible with printers and that the end-to-end process is running smoothly and efficiently. One way to speed up the process is to use technology that has a user-friendly interface and can save customer orders for easy repetition. By taking these steps, PSPs can ensure that they are able to meet customer demands in a timely manner. Also, sustainability is no longer a trend but an expectation. We will continue to see an increase in demand for sustainable products and printers will be striving to be as carbon neutral as possible. The

Stuart Miller channel director Canon UK & Ireland

Overall, 2023 will have its challenges as workplaces and PSPs continue to adapt to the economic downturn in the UK, but for savvy partners there are growth opportunities for the upcoming year.




Nick Kernick , partner success manager – UK & Ireland, ORdigiNAL Our expectations for the business in 2023 are that, following a great 2022 which saw significant

offerings, which is where ORdigiNAL, as a trusted, specialised VAD, has the knowledge to support them with their opportunities. Trends from 2022 will continue into 2023. Without doubt the shift towards the cloud will continue to trend this year, with customers looking to migrate their print to a SaaS model and remove on-premises infrastructure. Current high prices and looming economic recession will also influence the print sector. With all businesses suffering from an all-round increase in costs, 2023 will see end users looking to reduce expenditure wherever they can, including print costs. This does, however, provide an opportunity for digital transformation, resulting in the potential for increased software solution sales. With the opportunities and trends outlined above, we are confident about 2023. As a distributor of document automation solutions, ORdigiNAL is in prime position to assist with document transformation projects, so I’m confident for the prospect of solution sales, despite the downward trend in print output.

growth for ORdigiNAL in the UK and Ireland, we continue to onboard new partners while, at the same time, driving business with existing partners. We are confident in our continued growth despite the difficult economic climate. In terms of trends in 2023, I believe we will see our partners looking for additional revenue streams due to the declining service revenues they have suffered since the pandemic. This will result in a trend towards SaaS and term subscription

Nick Kernick partner success manager – UK & Ireland ORdigiNAL

Ryan Mitchell , print and AV director, Westcoast In 2023, we are expecting a further swing from a reduction in retail/home user printers; we may see the AUP on these products increase as hybrid workers upgrade their existing printers. In addition, as commercial higher end units become more available from constraints throughout 2021 and 22, we expect some growth

working locations. It helps the CSR messaging and unified comms allows greater collaboration without some of the travel costs, again helping customers reduce their spend. We at Westcoast can support this via our UC and AV offering. While the current increases in prices will affect the print sector in 2023, like all markets, vendors may need to stimulate growth with things like targeted promotional activity, trade in and cash back. Meanwhile, with continued growth in CISS products, vendors create great assets to help measure TCO VS legacy these will certainly help end customers see the return on investment. Overall, I am confident about the prospects for businesses in general in the print sector for 2023. The print industry is the oldest industry in IT, it’s weathered many storms and I am positive it come through this as well.

from this, but this is dependent on the public sector budgets and corporate upgrades. HP has just released its new A3 printer range and some of the upgrades to these machines will certainly help drive greater demand. A number of units sold total may be flat, but AUP will be positive from multiple price increases over the last year(s). There will be some major trends in the print sector will be in 2023 in terms of customer demands/ wants. For instance, sustainability will be heavily on the agenda, but this will need to be beneficially from a corporate social responsibility (CSR) perspective and the corporate office, small and medium-sized businesses and small office home office businesses may need to balance sustainability over total cost of ownership. Epson is one the leading vendors in supporting this, and in my opinion, they are leagues ahead of many vendors. In addition, the digital and connected workplace will continue to be important, as staff balance their

Ryan Mitchell print and AV director Westcoast



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