News in the Channel - issue #16


I n a digital realm far away, lived Frog Prince Ltd, a company bound by a wicked spell of incumbent technology. Trapped in a stagnant pond of legacy systems, Frog Prince Ltd yearned to break free from the constraints that kept them from realizing their full potential. Their dream was to migrate to the cloud and evolve to the dashing prince of a company they once were. F ortinet, a wise and powerful princess in the kingdom of cybersecurity, caught wind of Frog Prince Ltd’s plight. Recognizing the potential for transformation, she embarked on

a quest to help them migrate to the cloud and regain their former glory. A pproaching the pond, Princess Fortinet knew that breaking the spell required a special touch. In her hand, she held the magical solution FortiSASE—a powerful spell breaker capable of bridging the gap between on-premise and cloud environments. W ith a gentle kiss, Princess Fortinet activated FortiSASE, initiating a seamless and secure migration process. Frog Prince Ltd freed of the shackles of incumbent technology leaped into the cloud, leaving behind the stagnant pond of legacy systems, now enabled to roam the kingdom and work from anywhere with the magic of FortiSASE.

F ortiSASE’s enchanting capabilities provided Frog


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