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John Colgan, CEO at Solgari, added: “We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with ANS, combining our AI- powered customer engagement solutions with ANS' expertise in delivering Microsoft- focused services and applications. Together, we're empowering businesses to significantly enhance their customer and employee experiences and maximise their existing Microsoft investments.”

resellers with access to the best technology solutions and digital services. “I’m delighted to welcome Solgari to our Partner Programme,” said Ryan Martin, head of indirect at ANS. “Both ANS’ and Solgari’s products and services complement each other perfectly. Together we’ll be able to leverage expertise and experience to deliver best- in-class tech and customer experience. I’m excited to see how our partnership evolves.”

Vertiv Joins NVIDIA Partner Network

innovative solutions to their customers. “Vertiv has collaborated with NVIDIA in research, development and engineering for multiple years, designing innovative products and solutions that support the deployment of NVIDIA technologies globally,” said Giordano Albertazzi, CEO at Vertiv. “We have combined our leadership in power and cooling solutions with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge platforms to help meet the demands of the most compute- intensive applications and support the deployment of AI infrastructure across the globe. Now, we are collaborating to build state-of-the-art liquid cooling solutions for next-gen NVIDIA accelerated data centres powered by GB200 NVL72 systems.”

Vertiv is now a Solution Advisor: Consultant partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN), providing wider access to Vertiv’s experience and full portfolio of power and cooling solutions. NPN is a global program for technology partners that offer solutions built on, or powered by, NVIDIA technologies. Among leading software vendors, cloud service providers, solution providers and system integrators, Vertiv joins the network to offer its expertise in addressing the infrastructure challenges presented by accelerated computing. NPN provides access to a range of benefits, including technical support, training and collaboration opportunities, helping partners deliver

Giordano Albertazzi CEO

Ransomware still biggest cybersecurity problem for SMBs

Ransomware and malware continue to be big problems for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), according to a new report. The 2024 Sophos Threat Report, “ Cybercrime on Main Street ” and the biggest threats facing SMBs, found that in 2023, nearly 50% of malware detections for SMBs were keyloggers, spyware and stealers, malware that attackers use to steal data and credentials. Attackers subsequently use this stolen information to gain unauthorised remote access, extort victims, deploy ransomware and more. “The value of ‘data,’ as currency has increased exponentially among cybercriminals, and this is particularly true for SMBs, which tend to use one service or software application, per function, for their entire operation,” said Christopher Budd, director of Sophos X-Ops research at Sophos. “For example, let’s say attackers deploy an infostealer on their target’s network to steal credentials and then get hold of the password

for the company’s accounting software. Attackers could then gain access to the targeted company’s financials and have the ability to funnel funds into their own accounts. There’s a reason that more than 90% of all cyberattacks reported to Sophos in 2023 involved data or credential theft, whether through ransomware attacks, data extortion, unauthorised remote access, or simply data theft.” While the number of ransomware attacks against SMBs has stabilised, it continues to be the biggest cyberthreat to SMBs. Out of the SMB cases handled by Sophos Incident Response, which helps organisations under active attack, LockBit was the top ransomware gang wreaking havoc, followed by Akira and BlackCat. SMBs studied in the report also faced attacks by lingering older and lesser-known ransomware, such as BitLocker and Crytox. Ransomware operators continue to change ransomware tactics, according to the report. This includes leveraging

Christopher Budd director, Sophos X-Ops research



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