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Structured approach With the growing digitalisation of business – and need for ever-increasing power and storage capacity – infrastructure is under the spotlight more than ever, and this presents a variety of opportunities for resellers.

Digitalisation and data have been two of the biggest concerns for many businesses for some time now. Many businesses are increasingly digitalising their business functions, and one of the byproducts of that is that they produce more data. Both can bring many benefits to businesses. But while these bring benefits, it also highlights the importance of a business’ infrastructure, and is part of the reason why Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is growing quickly in the UK and around the world – Gartner predicts more than 20% growth this year. IaaS provides many benefits to businesses as they look to gain an advantage over their rivals, and it is something that can provide plenty of opportunities for revenue growth and new revenue for resellers to provide it. Read more on p24. Another infrastructure concern is the PSTN switch-off. To the surprise of few and relief of some the deadline for the switch- off and conversion to digital technology has recently been delayed to January 2027, rather than December 2025. But that extra time does not mean that businesses should put off making the change – it does take time and there are benefits to it – and resellers will have an important role to play in the conversion, especially with smaller customers. Read more on p40. The growth of data isn’t just putting an emphasis on infrastructure, it is also highlighting how imperative cybersecurity measures are. As companies of all sizes produce more data of value, the more it appeals to cybercriminals, so the more data security becomes an imperative. There are various means to ensure it is as safe as possible from theft, involving

cloud and on-premise solutions. Read more on p46. Continuing the security theme, we also carry an interview with Tanium’s Tony Beller, who talks about the current security landscape, including the influence of artificial intelligence and how the company’s converged endpoint management solutions are helping customers. He also talks about Tanium’s recent Converge World Tour, which gave resellers and customers in the UK and insight into the company’s new and upcoming solutions. Read more on p18. These articles demonstrate some of the growth areas in the channel currently and the opportunities that are out there for resellers. For those that are already involved in these, the markets are growing – and for those that aren’t, they haven’t reached saturation yet so have plenty of scope to get involved in and take a market share. As ever, I hope you enjoy the issue. If there are any topics you would like to see covered in a future issue of News in the Channel , or if you have news stories or opinion columns you would like to submit, please get in contact with me at

Dan Parton

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News You should know p6 Product Launches Kinly XR studio p14 Next DLP Secure Data Flow p15 Product Review D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP p17 Tanium Converge World Tour p18 IaaS Structures for Success p24 ALSO Cloud Summit Review p30 Eagle Eye - BI Trending Network Switces p34 5G Private Networks vs WiFi What you should know p38 PSTN Switch-Off The delay p40 Data Security Imperative strategy p46 On the move People updates p50 STOCKIES 2024 Nominations s1

Tanium – p18

PSTN Switch-Off Delay – p40

Tanium’s Converge World Tour stopped off in London recently to spread the word about converged endpoint management and the solutions the company can provide to partners and customers, as well as the potential of developing technologies such as AI to bring further opportunities.

The PSTN switch-off has been delayed by more than a year, but while it buys time for businesses that were not ready for this, it doesn’t mean they should delay plans to switch to digital technologies and resellers will have a vital role to play in this transition.

5G Private Networks vs WiFi – p38

For years, cellular networks and Wi-Fi appeared settled into their areas of dominance. But in some enterprise use cases, upgrades to cellular technology have handed companies unprecedented choice.

Product Launch: Kinly – p14

New XR studio from Kinly allows presenters to be fully immersed in digital content by replacing green screen with LED video displays.

ALSO Cloud Summit – p30

ALSO UK recently held its Cloud Summit ’24, where GenAI was a major theme as it presents the biggest security challenges and opportunities for British small businesses.



Data Security – p46

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With the amount of data growing at unprecedented rates, so are the external threats to it from cyberattacks, which is why data security is imperative as part of any security strategy, says Ben Jackson, CEO of Titan Data Solutions.


Infrastructure as a Service – p24

As more business is conducted via the cloud, demand for Infrastructure as a Service is growing rapidly – and this is set to continue, which provides plenty of opportunities for resellers.

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Eagle Eye BI – p34

Network Switches: One of the important categories in the Networking Market Intel analysis, often appearing in the most-searched categories, and regularly providing trending products for the monthly report

Published by: In the Channel Media Ltd Company registration number: 14363401 Registered office address 14-18 Heddon Street,

Product Review – p17

With security threats to SMBs growing all the time, surveillance solutions are crucial to keep a business safe. D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP has been tailored to this market where reliability and affordability are key.

Mayfair, London, United Kingdom, W1B 4DA In conjunction with:



Midwich signs distribution deal with Hive

Midwich has signed a distribution deal with Hive, a manufacturer of scalable media servers. The exclusive agreement allows Midwich and PSCo to offer Hive’s full range of products in the UK. The Beehive, Beebox and Beeblade products create a flexible and scalable media control ecosystem to power complex and creative visuals in a variety of applications including immersive exhibitions, galleries and museums, live shows, theme parks and high impact advertising. Hive has been designed from the ground up on a Linux operating system to provide reliable high-performance playback, intuitive ease of use, low power consumption meeting very high standards of sustainability throughout the product, company and deployment process. This is central to the company’s ethos and is supported by their tagline, ‘ingenious by nature’.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Hive’s full product offering to our portfolio,” said Lloyd Platt, business manager at Midwich. “We pride ourselves on the service we provide our partners and for Hive to choose us as their distribution partner in the UK&I is immensely exciting.” Mark Calvert, managing director at Hive, added: "We are very happy to join the Midwich Group for exclusive distribution of our entire product range within the UK and Northern Ireland. “Midwich sales, marketing and first line support reach enables Hive to remain focused on our core development and growth strategies and equally agile and affordable in the AV Market. “We are grateful to the UK Midwich team for their eagerness to represent our product and brand.”

SYNAXON UK achieves Premier Partner status with APC

SYNAXON UK has achieved Premier Partner status with APC by Schneider Electric, a provider of power protection solutions. The higher-level accreditation has been awarded based on a combination of SYNAXON’s sales performance and members of its team completing the required sales and technical training modules. Last year, SYNAXON saw almost 58% growth in its APC sales – ahead of its overall sales growth, which was about 45%. As well as strengthening the partnership between the two companies, the accreditation also means there will be even more potential for partners, said Mike Barron, managing director of SYNAXON UK. “This is a significant achievement and a reflection of the success we are seeing through SYNAXON Hub and the efforts of our team,” he said. “Partners trust SYNAXON to deliver excellent service and good opportunities. APC is a renowned brand that

is consistently amongst our best-sellers. “We have a strong relationship with them and as a Premier Partner, we are now even better placed to support our partners in delivering a great experience to their customers. It also means we can offer even better pricing and special bid access that will enable them to compete for and win profitable business with APC.” As well as hitting sales targets the SYNAXON UK team was required to complete specific sales and technical courses to attain the APC Premier Partner status. Further training is already being scheduled to ensure that they can continue to build their product knowledge and capability to support partners. SYNAXON can also assist partners with pre-sales specification and installation of IT infrastructure where required, ensuring they can take every opportunity to capture additional services business.

Mike Barron managing director


AD EXERTIS SAMSUNG Introducing the 5P Gen2 UPS Unmatched power protection for IT and Edge application

Power and efficiency in a compact design Enhance your operation with 5P GEN2 delivering 22% more power than its predecessor and 35% above competitors in a compact 1U form factor

Optimized battery management Benefit from a prolonged battery life (up to 50%) and machine learning predictive maintenance with Eaton‘s ABM+ technology

Secure , smart, and integrated The 5P GEN2 together with the cybersecured gigabit network card enable remote management features to secure UPS configuration and firmware updates remotely

Easy maintenance, total flexibility 5P GEN2 is equipped with hot- swappable batteries and intuitive battery replacement wizard through graphic LCD Display

Last chance to get 5P GEN1 here!


While artificial intelligence (AI) use cases are growing at an unprecedented rate, expert information is scarce for pioneering data centres. Vertiv has recognised this gap and launched its AI Hub to fill it. In the AI Hub, partners, customers and other website visitors will have access to expert information, reference designs and resources to successfully plan their AI-ready infrastructure. The AI Hub features white papers, industry research, tools and power and cooling portfolios for retrofit and greenfield applications. The new reference design library demonstrates scalable liquid cooling and power infrastructure to support current and future chip sets from 10-140kW per rack. Reflecting the rapid and continuous changes of the AI tech stack and the supporting infrastructure, the Vertiv AI Hub is a dynamic site that will be frequently updated with new content, including an AI Infrastructure Vertiv launches AI Hub

certification program for Vertiv partners. “Vertiv has a history of sharing new to world technology and insights for the data centre industry,” said Vertiv CEO Giordano Albertazzi. “We are committed to providing deep knowledge, the broadest portfolio and expert guidance to enable our customers to be among the first to deploy energy-efficient AI power and cooling infrastructure for current and future deployments. Our close partnerships with leading chipmakers and innovative data centre operators make us uniquely qualified to help our customers and partners on their AI journey.” Sean Graham, research director, datacenters at IDC, noted: “Virtually every industry is exploring opportunities to drive business value through AI, but there are more questions than answers around how to deploy the infrastructure. A recognised infrastructure provider like Vertiv is valuable to businesses building an AI strategy and looking for a single source for information.”

Giordano Albertazzi CEO

Acronis expands its security offering with XDR solution

Acronis has introduced Acronis XDR to its security solution portfolio. Easy to deploy, manage and maintain, Acronis XDR expands on the current endpoint detection and response offering and delivers complete natively integrated, highly efficient cybersecurity with data protection, endpoint management and automated recovery specifically built for managed service providers (MSPs). Cyberattacks have become increasingly sophisticated due to cybercriminals deploying AI and attack surfaces expanding, allowing businesses to be more vulnerable to data breaches and malware. To protect their customers, MSPs that offer security services commonly only have a choice of complex tools with insufficient, incomplete

protection that are expensive and time- consuming to deploy and maintain. As a response to these challenges, Acronis XDR provides complete protection without high costs and added complexity. Key features of Acronis XDR include: l Native integration across cybersecurity, data protection and endpoint management. The product is designed to protect vulnerable attack surfaces enabling unmatched business continuity l H igh efficiency, with the ability to easily launch, manage, scale and deliver security services. It also includes AI- based incident analysis and single-click response for swift investigation and response

Gaidar Magdanurov president




l Built for MSPs, including a single agent and console for all services, and a customisable platform to integrate additional tools into a unified technology stack. “It is imperative that MSPs provide reliable cybersecurity to customers with diverse IT environments and constrained budgets,” said Gaidar Magdanurov, president at

Acronis. “Acronis XDR enables MSPs to offer top-notch security without the complexity and significant overhead of traditional non- integrated tools. This is achieved in several ways, including AI-assisted capabilities within the Acronis solution that helps MSPs provide the utmost cybersecurity – even if an MSP only has limited cybersecurity expertise.”

Exertis Cybersecurity expands partnership with OpenText Cybersecurity

Exertis Cybersecurity has expanded its contract with OpenText Cybersecurity to provide a broader range of enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions to customers across the UK and Europe. The added solutions provide greater opportunity for customers to protect their most valuable assets by modernising their security capabilities, securing remote workforces, uncovering hidden threats and supporting zero-trust strategies. They are: NetIQ: offers an identity-centric approach to authentication, access, privilege and governance. Manage risk with a modularised platform that delivers a unified, real-time view across diverse applications and systems. Voltage: protect high-value data at rest, in motion and in use, and meet data protection requirements by de-identifying data, making is useless for attackers while maintaining its usability, usefulness, and referential integrity for processes, applications and services. Fortify: enables users to create, supplement and expand their software security assurance program, supporting secure development

through continuous feedback to the developer’s desktop at DevOps speed and scalable security testing embedded into the development toolchain. ArcSight SIEM: The world leading in-memory correlation engine, for real time threat detection and response. The platform can be delivered as both on-prem and SaaS, which differentiates it from other SIEM vendor platforms. ArcSight Intelligence: is an advanced Insider Threat detection service that uses unsupervised machine learning to build its own sense ‘normal’ behaviour, to detect behavioural anomalies that present a clear and present risk. “I’m thrilled to be expanding our distribution agreement to deliver a new generation of tools that include cybersecurity, digital operations management, application modernisations, and AI to our channel partners,” said Dominic Ryles, director of sales and commercial at Exertis Cybersecurity. “OpenText Cybersecurity is at the forefront of Enterprise Cybersecurity, and we’re excited to be on this journey with them.”

Dominic Ryles director of sales and commercial

Brivo launches expanded Global Reseller Partner Program

Brivo, a provider of cloud-based access control and smart space technologies, has announced the transformation of its Global Reseller Partner Program, effective for all resellers on January 1, 2025. The Global Reseller Partner Program will grant access to data insights, marketing assets and business management tools, all supported by a wealth of new resources to boost partner growth and improve the overall partner experience. Brivo is increasing its investment in the security integrator channel by enhancing partner experience and engagement

programs. The revamped Program encourages resellers to certify their technicians, a step that has been shown to significantly boost profitability. Resellers with Brivo-certified technicians see, on average, a 155% increase in sales compared to those without. The Program will also include specific market intelligence and dashboards to help resellers understand their Brivo accounts and target growth opportunities within their customer base. Resellers can unlock incremental tiers of support and benefits based on annual sales, new customers, and certified technicians. These include:





l  Sales and business benefits – demo kits, online sales training, dedicated Brivo sales support and a recurring monthly revenue rebate program l  Marketing benefits – access to branding and marketing materials, qualified lead program and field marketing support l  Technical benefits – technical certification (in-person and remote), online technical training and priority technical support

l  Market Insights – market analysis, vertical expertise, training and data. “Brivo’s success is built on the partners who put our products and services in the hands of our customers,” said Maureen Perrelli, chief revenue officer of Brivo. “Our Global Reseller Partner Program will give them the support they need to thrive, with clear goals that reward not just new sales, but also recurring revenue and technician training.”

Most organisations say inadequate or outdated technology is holding back innovation sector

NTT DATA, a global IT infrastructure and services company, has found that 80% of organisations agree that inadequate or outdated technology is holding back organisational progress and innovation efforts, with 94% of C-suite executives believe legacy infrastructure is greatly hindering their business agility. These findings come from NTT DATA’s inaugural Lifecycle Management Report . The report, which leverages 25 years of data- led insights from NTT DATA, explores the challenges and opportunities that exist for organisations as they navigate infrastructure lifecycle management. The research was conducted over 2022 and 2023, gathering data from over 248 million active assets across 130 countries and supported with responses from up to 1,400 senior technology decision makers. Lifecycle management is a critical enabler of business success. Unfortunately, rapid modernisation, and the proliferation of technology consumption models, coupled with an increasingly complicated and fragmented supplier ecosystem, make it difficult for many organisations to adequately maintain their technology infrastructure in a way that fosters business agility and innovation. Compounding issues, the report finds 69% of currently active hardware (with scheduled last day of support) will no longer

be supported by 2027. According to the report, just 51% of

enterprises have fully aligned their technology approach to their business strategy needs, while 71% say their network assets are mostly ageing or obsolete. Unfortunately, lifecycle management can also have an even more direct impact on operations. Misaligned lifecycle patterns can result in inappropriate coverage levels, labour-intensive renewals, extended incident resolution times, security breaches, and even costly license violations and compliance issues. “Infrastructure lifecycles are a critical part of the IT management process,” said Gary Middleton, vice president of networking GTM at NTT DATA, Inc. “They represent an opportunity and a challenge for leadership, as effective lifecycles can result in huge business benefits – from increased efficiency

Gary Middleton vice president, networking GTM

to fostering greater innovation. “However, inefficient lifecycle management can equally be a meaningful operational blocker, posing numerous risks to security and business continuity. Through the

Lifecycle Management Report

Lifecycle Management Report, our aim is to help organisations enhance their infrastructure lifecycle processes and unlock the huge benefits doing so presents.”


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990 PRO with Heatsink PCIe 4.0 M.2

980 PRO NVMe™ M.2 SSD 2TB

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980 NVMe™ M.2 SSD 1TB

970 EVO Plus NVMe™ M.2 SSD 2TB

The Samsung Workstation Solution Available at M2M Direct

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Kinly launches XR studio

New XR studio from Kinly allows presenters to be fully immersed in digital content by replacing green screen with LED video displays.

Presentations are becoming ever-more sophisticated as companies seek to wow customers and partners alike to win new business. To this end, Kinly has launched its XR studio offering and is the first AV company to distribute this transformative technology on a global scale, according to the company. The XR studio is billed as a comprehensive turnkey solution, designed to immerse users in a limitless virtual world for more dynamic and engaging experiences, bringing broadcast quality production events to the corporate and higher education market. By replacing a green screen environment with LED video displays, the technology allows presenters to be fully immersed in digital content and virtual worlds. Users can see presentation content, colleagues and clients surrounding them, allowing conversations to become more natural and making subject matter content more engaging. Limitless virtual world The Kinly XR Studio environment is a limitless 360° virtual world, where hosts have complete freedom of movement and become fully immersed in their surroundings. A unique virtual set extension expands content beyond the physical LED environment, allowing the camera(s) to freely explore the virtual world, capturing a range of perspectives, or revealing additional content. Augmented reality layers, such as 3D props, graphs or data can be incorporated alongside the presenter ‘on stage’, to emphasise and bring specific content to life. The presenter’s position is tracked on the XR Studio, allowing the AR graphics to appear in front or behind them as they walk around the AR graphic. Another feature is the full body human ‘teleportation’, a technology that allows remote guests to join and present as if they were physically in the XR Studio. This is achieved through keying a live stream of the remote guest into the studio to allow the virtual remote guest to appear teleported alongside a real presenter in the room.

Users can see presentation content, colleagues and clients surrounding them, allowing conversations to become more natural and “

Simple solution The XR Studio doesn’t require technical experience or a large studio team to produce broadcast quality output with AR graphics and extended VR sets – the XR Studio operation and content creation is managed though an intuitive user interface, operable via an iPad. When used in a corporate environment, Kinly’s XR studio allows speakers to address their audience during meetings or industry events, regardless of geographical location – perfect for reducing business travel to meet sustainability goals – and increases productivity, collaboration and idea sharing. In the education space, the XR Studio’s interactive approach allows for enhanced remote learning. Students can explore more complex subjects such as mechanics, medicine and engineering through 3D visualisations and real-time interaction — providing a better understanding of theoretical concepts and practical applications. “I am excited to launch our new XR studio offering,” said Simon Watson, Kinly’s global head of innovation. “This cutting-edge technology… represents a significant step forward in immersive collaboration — providing our clients with unparalleled tools to transform the way they communicate and engage. “By integrating advanced VR, LED, and tracking technologies, we are not only enhancing the user experience but also paving the way for more sustainable and efficient business practices. “Our XR solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of various sectors, from education to corporate environments, and we are excited to see the profound impact they will have.”

making subject matter content more engaging.

Simon Watson global head of innovation



Next DLP unveils Secure Data Flow capability

With more data produced than ever before, protecting it becomes more of an imperative, and with Next DLP’s new solution, data can be easily tracked right through a company.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, legacy data protection technologies are falling short. They rely heavily on pattern matching, regular expressions, keywords, user-applied tags and fingerprinting, which can only cover a limited range of text-based data types. This is why Next DLP has launched Secure Data Flow, a groundbreaking capability within the Reveal Platform that uses the ‘What, Where, Who and How’ of data’s origin, movements and modifications to provide unparalleled protection. Secure Data Flow overcomes the limitations and complexities of legacy Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by complementing traditional content and sensitivity classification- based approaches with origin-based data identification, manipulation detection and data egress controls. This results in an all- encompassing, 100% effective, false-positive- free solution that simplifies the lives of security analysts. Tracking data Recent studies show that employees download an average of 30GB of data each month from SaaS applications to their endpoints, including mobile phones, laptops and desktops. This volume underscores the critical need for advanced data protection measures. By tracking data from its origin as it flows to sanctioned and unsanctioned egress channels within an organisation, Secure Data Flow equips security teams to prevent data theft and misuse effectively. “Secure Data Flow is a novel approach to data protection and insider risk management,” said Ken Buckler, research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “It not only boosts detection and protection capabilities but also streamlines the overall data management process, enhancing the fidelity of data sensitivity recognition and

minimising endpoint content inspection costs. “This advancement is particularly vital given the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional legacy DLP solutions, providing a much-needed capability to more effectively safeguard sensitive data in today’s diverse technological environments." Key benefits Next DLP claims there are numerous benefits of Secure Data Flow including: l  Comprehensive data tracking: Secure Data Flow secures the flow of critical business data from any SaaS application, including Salesforce, Workday, SAP and GitHub, ensuring that sensitive information is always protected l  Enhanced data protection: By using data origin and sensitive data identification, Secure Data Flow safeguards your company’s intellectual property and sensitive data from accidental loss and malicious theft l  Insightful investigations: Security analysts investigating malicious data exfiltration gain invaluable contextual insights into data origin, manipulation and lineage, enabling them to identify, investigate and report on data security risks and incidents with unprecedented accuracy. Data loss prevention “In current IT environments, intellectual property commonly resides in an organisation’s SaaS applications and cloud data stores,” said John Stringer, head of product at Next DLP. “The risk here is that high-impact data in these locations cannot be easily identified based on its content. “With Secure Data Flow, we help organisations protect their IP by capturing the data’s origin and using that information to track data movement and prevent data theft.”

John Stringer head of product

In current IT environments, intellectual property commonly resides in an organisation’s SaaS applications and cloud data stores. “ ”





Keep ‘em peeled With security threats to SMBs growing all the time, surveillance solutions are crucial to keep a business safe. D-Link’s DSS-200G- 28MP has been tailored to this market where reliability and affordability are key.

Security and surveillance are paramount to SMBs, especially given the proliferation of new technologies in today’s digital age, where bad actors have a Pandora’s box of tools at their disposal for gaining unauthorised access to confidential business data and information. Considering that, D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP has been designed to provide an affordable and efficient Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch solution for surveillance needs. It’s suited to SMBs that have a requirement for 24/7 surveillance uptime. The switch enhances the capabilities of surveillance systems through reliable power delivery and automated recovery services, such as 6kV power surge protection. What it does The DSS-200G-28MP is part of D-Link’s DSS- 200G series. This model offers a 370W power budget and supports 30W 803.2at services across all 24 gigabit ports, making it suitable for a range of PoE-compliant devices. There is also a choice of three other models in the range including a 10-port version and two PoE++ models. What is PoE++? PoE++ (Power over Ethernet Plus Plus) - known technically as 802.3bt - is an advanced standard that increases the power delivered over Ethernet cables to up to 90W per port. This capability is essential for powering more

demanding devices such as high-end IP cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras and other high-powered networked devices, enabling greater flexibility in device placement without the need for additional power sources.

Key features: l Choice of three other models including a 10-port version and two PoE++ models capable of delivering up to 518W of power l  Power budget and PoE support: Provides a 370W power budget, supporting 802.3at PoE+ on ports 1-24 l Surge protection: Includes 6kV surge protection circuitry to safeguard external cameras against lightning strikes l  Management interfaces: Featuring a surveillance mode with a graphical topology view for monitoring connected devices l  DIP switches: Five DIP switches at the front allow hard-setting features like ingress priority, PoE extend mode, isolation function, PD-Alive function, and STP. How the channel can sell it Solutions like D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP help managed service providers (MSPs) and channel partners target SMBs seeking reliable and cost-effective surveillance solutions. The DSS- 200G-28MP is ideal for SMBs that require efficient IP camera management and monitoring. Highlights include the switch’s generous PoE budget, surge protection, and smart management features, which emphasise its value in enhancing an SMB’s existing surveillance infrastructure. “The D-Link DSS-200G-28MP offers excellent value for business surveillance, combining robust IP camera management with a substantial PoE budget,” says Alan Jones, channel marketing and Amazon manager at D-Link UK.


For businesses that need surveillance solutions, uptime and flexibility are key, which makes D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP a useful addition to the marketplace and a great option for resellers to have when talking to customers. Its range of features tick the boxes that businesses today need, especially with

functionality such as PoE++, surge protection and the range of management interfaces. But by keeping the cost of the system down, D-Link ensures that it will appeal to SMBs in a wide range of sectors too. With threats to SMBs only growing, it is a product where there is likely to be consistent demand too going forward.



Convergence of expertise Tanium’s Converge World Tour stopped off in London recently to spread the word about converged endpoint management and the solutions the company can provide to partners and customers, as well as the potential of developing technologies such as AI to bring further opportunities.

World tours are usually the preserve of pop stars such as Taylor Swift and aren’t generally associated with security and endpoint management solutions providers. But for selected partners and customers of converged endpoint management (XEM) provider Tanium in London on May 21, they got to see the latest stop in the company’s Converge World Tour. And, like the best tours from pop stars, it was a mixture of greatest hits and new material. At the conference, attendees heard from a range of Tanium customers and partners, company leadership and industry luminaries about security best practices, industry trends and had the opportunity to learn more about new autonomous capabilities like Tanium Automate, which is designed to empower customers to automate complex tasks at speed and scale. Customers like Electrolux, Unilever and Weir Group, alongside partners including NCC Group and Avanade, showcased how they are able to consolidate disparate security solutions on a single platform to reduce the costs, risks and silos associated with outdated approaches. The Converge World Tour, which also took in stops in Paris, Munich and Tokyo during

May and June, is a spinoff from Tanium’s annual Partner Summit, which is held in the US where the company is headquartered every November. Energising the partner ecosystem “The Converge World Tour looks to energise our partner ecosystem and give them insights into our growth strategy and new product introductions around AI,” explains Tony Beller, senior vice president of global partner sales at Tanium. “The second part of the event in London saw our CEO, CMO and product team announcing new features on our products.” In addition, attendees were given an early insight into the automated endpoint management solution that Tanium plans to launch this November at its global Converge summit, Tony adds. The response from people who attended the Converge World Tour has been overwhelmingly positive, according to Tony. “Our partners are super excited about the new products,” he says. “Our strategy for our partners is about growth and building service offerings around our products and solutions. With this new product introduction, they see a lot of potential to develop their offerings. “Most of our partners have since

Tony Beller senior vice president, global partner sales



approached us asking about how they could get early access to it because they want to start building offerings and capabilities around those. Customers too are excited, and they want to get their hands on it as soon as possible. “Prospective partners and customers have also been intrigued as to how our products are progressing.” New channel partner The UK stop on the World Tour is just part of Tanium’s plans to grow its presence in the UK in the coming years. With an aggressive growth strategy planned for the UK, to this end, Tanium has recently announced a new channel partner in the UK, e92plus, adding to the company’s existing relationship with Exclusive Networks. “This new partnership came about because we’re growing so fast in the UK, so we needed to expand our network,” says Tony. He adds that Tanium is targeting customers across the spectrum with its XEM solutions, from small to mid-market and large corporates. “We are going to need additional distribution partners to help us with that market,” Tony says. “I met with the CEO and head of sales at e92plus while I was in the UK to discuss how we want to move forward and they’re super excited and are ramping up their training as E92plus is not just a distributor, they also provide services. We’re super excited about that partnership and have high hopes for it.” Market strategy As mentioned, Tanium is ramping up its growth strategy in the UK and is targeting enterprise businesses and major accounts – those with 10,000 endpoints and above – and mid-market and commercial businesses, which have fewer than 10,000 endpoints, Tony says. “For larger customers, we are aggressively working with large GSIs, such as Kyndryl and Avanade, and we have strong partnerships with Microsoft and ServiceNow,” he says. “For mid-market and commercial sectors, Tanium has a strong partnership with CDW. We’re developing a joint go-to-market strategy, specifically for the UK, for the mid-market

segment with CDW currently.” Tanium’s partner ecosystem in the UK – and globally – involves distributors and resellers as well as DSIs and SIs, and a strong managed services partner (MSP) ecosystem. “A lot of partners are building managed services, specifically around security,” says Tony. “We have some strong MSPs, which have ServiceNow offerings that they’re adding Tanium into to complement that. “A good example of that is Plat4mation, a Dutch company with a presence across Europe with ServiceNow. They are adding Tanium into their offering and bringing it to the UK and the rest of continental Europe.” Unique position Understandably, Tony is confident about the future of Tanium in the UK. As the only XEM provider in the UK, it gives the company an advantage over other providers in the space. Tony is also confident about the potential for Tanium Guardian, a solution that highlights early threat information and the latest updates and identifies specific endpoints that may be compromised. Additionally, it provides pertinent security content and recommendations for threat mitigation. This was launched in November 2023 at that year’s Converge event. “We are still in the early stages for Guardian,” says Tony. “That shows some of the AI and automation features that we’re

Tanium’s partner ecosystem in the UK – and globally – involves distributors and resellers as well as DSIs and SIs, and a strong managed services partner (MSP) ecosystem. “





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building into our platform. It has been very well received by the market and we’re receiving a lot of great feedback for this from those that already use it, specifically from large enterprise customers. “We’re seeing a lot of momentum on that. We’re obviously very excited about what we’re going to announce and finally deploy in November.” AI influence Tanium’s investment into AI reflects the influence the company believes it will have on the market in the coming years – and Tony is confident it will present plenty of opportunities to develop revenue streams. “We believe that those AI capabilities will double the size of our market, so it will bring us opportunities for a lot more growth,” he says. “Not only will AI provide more automated solutions for partners, it will also require more security solutions as cybercriminals look to exploit its potential.” One area of potential is Microsoft’s Copilot AI assistant. Tanium are long-standing partners with Microsoft. “Many of our joint customers are preparing for the AI power future,” Tony says. “When you look at Tanium and Copilot together, they want to exploit all that it offers to help become faster, more efficient and reduce risk.” Positive outlook Overall, Tony is positive about the prospects for the sector – and an indicator of that is the consolidation in the market currently as businesses look to grow. Investment is also coming into the sector, another good indicator for the strength of the market. “There’s a lot of consolidation, and businesses are always looking for best-in-

class platforms and Tanium is front and centre of that,” says Tony. Likewise, as the threats from cyberattacks continue to increase in volume and sophistication, Tanium is well placed to pick up business. “We leverage AI and automation, which means that as threats increase in sophistication, companies are looking for speed and scale in their solutions as those threats can come in seconds,” he says. “That’s why the Tanium message resonates so well with the market in general as we tackle the threats a lot faster than others. “We’re seeing high demand for what we offer from customers, as we offer a platform and much broader solutions to reduce risk that they haven’t got inside the enterprise.” Looking forward Looking towards the end of the year and on into 2025, Tony believes the introduction of AI and automation solutions later this year is going to open a lot more opportunities for the company. “If you look at markets like Europe with a lot of regulation coming up around Dora, it’s increasingly becoming more apparent that we are the platform of choice

Tanium Guardian

I see a lot of MSPs moving into our platform, because we provide an operation for our customers that is faster and more automated than the competition. “

for a lot of those customers,” he says. “I see a lot of MSPs moving into our

platform, because we provide an operation for our customers that is faster and more automated than the competition. I think in the next year we’ll see an acceleration of adoption of automation and AI in vulnerability and risk assessment and more broadly in the market.” With the technology moving on apace, and interest in AI and automation rising, the next time the Converge World Tour rolls into town, then clamour for tickets is likely to rival that seen for artists like Taylor Swift.



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I n a quaint UK town, there stood a thriving business named Rapunzel. However, this business was not flourishing freely; it was enslaved by the evil stepmother, the ever-increasing cyberthreat landscape and stringent compliance rules that seemed to tower over Rapunzel’s operations. T he evil stepmother’s grip on Rapunzel’s business grew tighter with each passing day, restricting its potential for growth and innovation. The business yearned to break free from this captivity and thrive in the vast digital landscape. O ne day, Rapunzel discovered a unique way to escape the

clutches of the evil stepmother. Instead of letting her hair down from a tower, Rapunzel decided to throw down a different kind of lifeline—a cyber threat assessment opportunity. This opportunity represented a chance for the business to assess and fortify its defences against the looming threats. K een to escape the confines keeping them captive, an invitation to rescue Rapunzel was released. F ortinet, a cybersecurity hero, caught wind of Rapunzel’s distress and seized the invitation with relish. With unparalleled expertise and a mission to rescue businesses from the captivity of cyber threats, Fortinet seized the cyber threat assessment opportunity like a lifeline thrown from the tower.



A s Fortinet climbed the tower of challenges, it faced the wicked web of cyber threats and compliance rules. With each step, Fortinet demonstrated its prowess in unravelling and overcoming the obstacles that bound Rapunzel’s business. F inally reaching the top, Fortinet not only rescued Rapunzel from the clutches of the evil stepmother but also fortified the business against future threats. The cyber threat assessment proved to be the key to unlocking Rapunzel’s potential and ensuring its freedom in the digital realm. Rapunzel’s business, now liberated and protected by Fortinet, flourished like never before. The evil stepmother’s influence waned, and Rapunzel could navigate the digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

T he moral of the story: In the ever-expanding kingdom of cyber threats and compliance rules, businesses like Rapunzel can find salvation by throwing down the lifeline of a cyber threat assessment. With the right cybersecurity prince, in this case, Fortinet, businesses can break free from enslavement, fortify their defences, and thrive in the vast and dynamic digital landscape.

Become a Fortinet partner to discover how to provide your customers with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect their networks, applications, and data from evolving threats.


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