News in the Channel – February 2023


Progressive partners SYNAXON has helped its partners to weather the storms of recent years and now, with the channel in a healthier place, they and SYNAXON are primed to grow and take advantage of new opportunities.

While 2022 was another volatile year for businesses in the channel – as well as the wider economy – SYNAXON did its best to help its partners, including MSPs, resellers, retailers and office products dealers, to ride out the storm and grow and diversify their businesses. Miguel Rodriguez, managing director of SYNAXON Hub, says 2022 was a year of “solid progression” for SYNAXON. But he is being modest; for example, in the 12-month period, the number of SYNAXON Hub customers significantly turnover for this part of the business doubled. “Through the SYNAXON Hub, partners benefit from better product availability,” explains Miguel. “This is the result of our careful forecasting and planning with manufacturers, a 14-day return policy – five days is the industry standard – and centralised RMA processing. Resellers can also draw on our project expertise and free technical support for complex infrastructure work. “Most of our partners are smaller reseller businesses, and by making use of our resources and purchasing power, we give our customers greater visibility and enable them to enjoy benefits that would usually only be available to larger businesses,” he says. “That really helps them to compete and is what makes SYNAXON Hub different. Most of our competition is mainly concerned with perfecting their logistics, and we are happy to leave that to them. Our mission is to make our smaller partners more visible and help them to be more competitive.”

pre-defined services provides resellers with a simple and low-cost way to roll-out and grow their managed services business. “Through our products and services, we help resellers to become more competitive and successful,” says Miguel. “Our combined revenue streams give us a stronger hand when it comes to dealing with manufacturers and suppliers. Our aim is to keep the business of IT simple and to help resellers increase efficiency, automate and scale – and maximise their opportunities.” SYNAXON also introduced Managed Workplace, its DaaS [device as a service] solution, in 2022. “Here, we are giving our partners the opportunity to retain their customers for the long-term, and expand their managed services portfolio, without them having to make large payments upfront as resellers can rent hardware from us and get software, support, and services in one bundle,” explains Miguel. Flexible friends This facility that allows resellers to pay flexibly and rent devices, rather than buy outright is something that will become more common in the future, Miguel believes. “Having the capability to offer hardware for rental is of great importance in today’s market,” he says. “Selling hardware and software has become a real rat race. Most deals are one-off purchases with no customer loyalty and allow for little or no margins. “We help our MSP and reseller partners meet demand for DaaS and thereby increase these margins. With Managed Workplace they

Miguel Rodriguez managing director SYNAXON Hub

In order for businesses to succeed, organisations must focus on delivering a positive working and social environment. “ ”

Other successful areas of the business include EGIS

e-procurement, a tool that provides resellers with access to the price feeds of more than 40 distributors, an automatic ordering function with no extra fees, and a powerful quote generator, and SYNAXON Managed Services, which has a portfolio of


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