News in the Channel - issue #16

AD DPS AD EATON Discover the benefits of Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager Software:

Reduce your energy costs: Schedule graceful shutdowns during non-operational hours, such as nights and weekends, and restart operations, significantly cutting energy consumption and reducing utility bills by up to 50%. Don’t worry, our software ensures a controlled and organized shutdown process, based on your customer schedules, safeguarding data and systems with automatic and scheduled restarts. This enhances data integrity and minimizes the risk of system failures or data loss, providing peace of mind for IT administrators. Enhanced sustainability: Efficient energy management is integral to a sustainable IT strategy. With Eaton's Software, not only do you save money, but you also reduce your carbon footprint, aligning your company with environmental goals. Regulatory compliance made easy: Navigate energy consumption regulations seamlessly with our software, optimized for non-operational hours to help you meet compliance requirements.

Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager Software is your trusted partner in driving cost savings and achieving a greener, more efficient IT environment.

With our solution, you can confidently and responsibly manage your IT resources, cutting operational costs and ensuring your business remains competitive.

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