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AI PCs To this end, HP announced the launch of a new portfolio of AI PCs at the Amplify Partner Conference, which aim to leverage the power of AI to enhance productivity, creativity and user experiences in hybrid work settings. “At HP, our mission is to empower companies to capitalise on the power of AI, sparking ambitious and meaningful progress in every organisation,” said Alex Cho, president of Personal Systems, HP Inc. “We are proud to represent the industry’s broadest portfolio of AI PCs. By harnessing AI as a personal tool, we are creating more personalised and meaningful work experiences, revolutionising the way we interact with technology and each other in the workplace.” HP has introduced a new generation of AI HP Elite and Pro PCs, featuring Copilot in Windows7 and Windows 11 Pro8, and Z by HP mobile workstations. The solutions are equipped with AI capabilities powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 and 7 processors or next- generation AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors with dedicated NPUs for tackling AI tasks with more personalised performance. HP Smart Sense is designed to automatically anticipate and adjust to individual PC usage behaviour, ensuring the best balance of performance and power. In addition, Poly Studio audio and Dynamic Voice Levelling, AI Noise Reduction and automatic framing offer improved, natural on-camera interaction and collaboration for a seamless user experience – something that is increasingly demanded by hybrid workers who want the same quality of experience wherever they are working. HP now has the largest portfolio of Intel® and AMD-based AI PCs14, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and performance. The lineup includes: l HP Elite 1000 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Designed to deliver a seamless blend of portability, performance, and up to 21 hours of battery life for work on the go. Harnessing the power of AI, users experience up to 80% better graphics performance, up to 38% less power for AI-enhanced collaboration, and up to 132% faster AI video editing compared to the previous generation. With HP Smart Sense, AI transforms the PC’s power so it runs up to 40% quieter. Over 70% of major parts contain recycled materials, including recycled fishnets in the keyboard. Additionally, power

– just 27% of knowledge workers reporting a healthy work relationship – and employee expectations are rising, AI is seen as a key to unlocking better relationships with work. “AI represents a significant opportunity to transform our work dynamics and unlock a more positive and productive environment for all,” said Dave Shull, president of HP Workforce Solutions. “To foster greater understanding and acceptance of AI – and ensure employees know how to reap its benefits – business leaders must take the initiative to educate employees on AI’s potential and spearhead its effective integration.” AI’s potential to foster healthier relationships with work is well understood by the workforce – with business leaders and IT decision makers leading the way. For instance, 54% of knowledge workers, 72% of business leaders and 70% of IT decision makers see the role AI can play in improving work-life balance. To a similar extent, employees believe that AI can streamline tasks and make their job easier (business leaders 75%, knowledge workers 58%). The gap between business leaders, ITDMs and knowledge workers demonstrates the need for business leaders to effectively communicate the benefits of AI and educate employees on how to integrate it into their work processes – to help drive better business outcomes at the same time as strengthening individuals’ relationships with work. The survey showed that uncertainty persists regarding how best to use AI and take full advantage of it: 42% individuals reported feeling unsure of when to use AI in the workplace and 41% said they felt ill-equipped to harness AI’s full potential in their role. With 73% of business leaders and 66% of knowledge workers advocating for proper AI training, there’s a clear call for organisations to prioritise upskilling initiatives to empower their workforce in embracing AI technologies. “In an evolving work landscape where businesses are striving to unlock heightened engagement, retention and productivity, as well as keeping their employees inspired, the strategic integration of AI emerges as a potent force for transformation,” said Stella Low, chief communications officer, HP Inc. “Knowledge workers around the world are looking to senior leadership to show them how to navigate the AI terrain effectively: the stage is set for business leaders to seize the opportunity to both empower their employees and drive success.”

Alex Cho president of Personal Systems

By harnessing

AI as a personal tool, we are creating more personalised and meaningful work experiences, revolutionising the way we interact with technology and each other in the workplace.

HP EliteBook 1040 G11 Notebook PC



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