News in the Channel - issue #16


News You should know p6 Cradlepoint’s Channel Strategy EMEA channel programme p14 Network Security Benefits of security integration p17 HP Amplify Partner Conference 2024 Turning up the volume p20 Uninterruptible Power Supplies Keeping the lights on p27 Data Centres The challenges of AI workloads p32 Circular Economy Pre-owned and recyclable p34 Cloud Scaling systems to meet needs p39 Transformative Technologies Opportunities for innovation p40 Health Sector: Secure Networks Cyberattack targets p44 DC/PoS Pointing the way p48 On the move People updates p50

HP Amplify 2024 – p20

Data Centres – p32

HP’s Amplify Partner Conference 2024 was held in Las Vegas recently and included the launch of a range of innovative products, including AI PCs, as well as new AI-focused training and benefits for the company’s Partner Program.

The surge in data means that data centres are more critical than ever, and so are the power and cooling requirements for them, which means a holistic approach is imperative.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies – p27

As more business is conducted electronically – in a range of sectors – the need for uninterruptable power supplies becomes ever more important, which presents opportunities for resellers.

Health Sector Networks – p44

With healthcare settings now producing huge amounts of data, they are becoming an increasing target for cyberattacks, which means that network security needs to be a focus – and this presents opportunities for resellers.

Richard Evans, CTO at Cinos, offers insights into the latest trends reshaping the industry and how channel businesses can seize opportunities for innovation and growth. Transformative Technologies – p40


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